Service Rewards

Internet Access & Service Rewards.

OSBC provides various great service rewards to help customers, businesses and members to to earn, recognize, recommend & reward people, businesses & thier colleagues that offer good service.

Recommended Rewards
Get rewards for shopping at recommended businesses or as you are recommended for your good service.

Earning Service Rewards
Get rewards by wholesale investing in Earning services, sales teams & rewards for 10 colleagues.

WAIT  Rewards
Wholesale Annual InvestingTechnique Earn rewards as OSBC trains and builds your sales team for one year.

Advertising Rewards
Get rewards as Virtual Officers sell your ads to businesses & they give survey & give customers discount vouchers.

Recruiting Rewards
Get rewards as your recommended colleagues become OSBC members. 

Discount Vouchers Rewards 
Get rewards as the $50 Discount Vouchers are used by customers. 

Success Network Rewards 
Get 10% of the investment from each member of your network up to 5 levels.