About us

Online Seeker Business Club (OSBC) goals are to help our community to improve service and success by helping people by providing exciting START Programme. This programme builds teams, provides advertising, surveys, follow up sales services, events, rewards, vouchers, training, scholarships and business opportunity. 

OSBC training, Service & Success FAST (Friendships And Support Teams)  trains persons to be Virtual Officers. The trained Virtual officers develop business skills such as networking, interviewing, motivating, marketing, events planning and sales. Virtual Officers support other services such as businesses, charities and community groups. The training allows students to earn as they learn and so OSBC members can invest and profit by helping students. The virtual officers also provide and manage START rewards.

START Rewards and  $50 discount vouchers are given to recommended persons; and include community leaders, teachers, coaches and salespersons. Rewards can be monitored and used by logging into OSBC accounts in onlineseeker.com. The rewards can be used to save money and can be greatly increased by joining the OSBC. 

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