The Online Seeker Business club provides a number of services that you can use and earn from as a member.

START: Sales Team And Recruitment Training

The Online Seeker Business Club trains persons

to sell, build sales teams, graphics, marketing & networking.

Students can become Virtual Officers & you earn as they learn.

EDGE: E-service Development Grows Earnings

E-services can be use by you or sold by you or by the Virtual Officer team.

The services include:

E books, Online ads, Websites, Training, Online services, Graphics and more, you just recommend colleagues.

REACH: Recommended Enhanced Ads & Community Help

Ads are enhanced with Virtual Officer calls, surveys & rewards.

The ads can be edited with posters, photos, links, forms, videos, flyers & competitions.

The ads are used to help the community.

VOICE: Virtual Officers Improving Customer Engagement

Virtual Officers call customers, advertise, survey, reward, sell & you earn.

IMPACT: Internet Monitoring Profits, Ads & Customer Trends

Use internet access to track surveys, competitions, rewards & your earnings.

CASH: Customer And Service Help

Discount Vouchers help customers to recommend & shop with recommended businesses,

whilst helping businesses to sell

& you earn as businesses reward customers.

EARN: Establishing And Recruiting Networks

Earn as the Virtual Officers build your network.

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